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Just sayin' hello and welcome!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

I have been cardmaking for many years and have always wanted to share my experiences and work. But I never had the courage or time to sit down and actually share my work with people other than my family and friends whom all have said that I should sell the cards I create.

I took some time off cardmaking and scrapbooking and now I'm back! Things have changed since my cardmaking days. There are a lot more techniques and supplies to choose from. It's a good thing that I love learning new things. I'm here to share what I've learned, show my trial and errors, my completed work all while inspiring others to create.

I will do my best to list the items that are used in the projects, but I have a lot of old paper and items to use. Full disclosure, I do not get paid commission on any of the products that I use or list.

Most of the cards that I create will be listed for sale on my etsy store for those of you who would like to purchase and share my creations.

Remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Alright, let's create and have some fun!

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